Physics Made Easy

Physics Made Easy…?

Hello and welcome to Physics Made Easy, a site whose purpose is, unsurprisingly, to attempt to make physics, if not easy, at least less difficult. Unfortunately, making physics easy is no simple task in itself, and so the site is an ongoing project, continually adding and refining content in the hopes of reaching its stated goal.

Right now, the site is on version 1.0, in which creator Karura will steadily upload the revision notes she made at university; once this framework is in place, the next step will be to optimise the content, add in extra examples where needed, all in the hope that fewer people will have to search through both textbooks and Google in an increasingly frustrating and hopeless attempt to identify some way of getting started on a particular problem.

Also to be included on the site are A-Level revision notes for other science subjects, previously featured on Karura’s old website.

Note: the reason this site has not been updated in ages is due to Karura being busy in real life. It remains unclear when she’ll be able to get back to it.

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